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Pakistan is now a new star on the map of World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). The World Trade Centers Association creates worldwide business links through its global network of 336 Associated World Trade Centers having 1,200,000 trade and business organizations spanning over 100 countries.

“Pakistan” a new star on the WTCA map


The Perfect City

At the foothills of highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, where snow glitters like a billion diamonds, lies a young and dynamic city of Islamabad in Pakistan, capital of the country. Islamabad is an immaculately planned city that is poised for exponential growth in the immediate future‘ Abundantly blessed by nature, the city is a fine blend of rich heritage and a symbol of progressive and rising inspirations of a nation, the city of lslamabad already possesses world famous examples of fine old and new architecture like the Pakistan Museum of Natural History. the Shah Faisal Mosque and Bari Imam. In other words, Islamabad is a well rounded modern city that is ready to wake up to a bold new era and stake its claim on the world map as a city that has it all.

Mission Statement

To participate in the economic development of Pakistan by boosting International Trade, attracting enhanced Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), promotingtourism and expanding local trade, commerce and industry, thus generating economic activity of high impact in Pakistan on perpetual basis by establishing, development and operating World Trade Center Islamabad.

World Trade Center Association(WTCA) is a non-profit, non-political association dedicated to the establishment and effective operation 0f World Trade Centers as inns for trade expansion.

The WTCA now represents over 336 members in over 100 countries. They are anin the development or operation of World Trade Centers or in providing relative services. The World Trade Centers service more than 1,200,000 international trading companies.

The WTCA’s Founding Principles are:

  1. To encourage the expansion of World Trade

  2. To promote international business relationship and understanding among nations

  3. To foster increased participation in world trade by industrializing nations

  4. To create and encourage mutual assistance and cooperation among members

  5. To promote and further the concept of World Trade Center(WTC)

WTCA members, which are over 336 in number and service 1,200,000 international trading companies. develop and maintain facilities to house practitioners of trade and service they need to conduct business, creating a central focal point for a region’s trade service and activities, or a “one-stop shopping center” for international business